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Kenya Gatina

Kenya Gatina

Dhs. 240.00

Balanced & Fruity

Gatina is like an adventurous soul, traversing the world to find a serendipitous balance between exciting and comforting. Clean and balanced, we love this coffee for its ability to make you want another cup.


Best For: Filter

Roast Level: Medium

Origin: Kenya

Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Lemongrass, Orange Blossom, Toffee, and Tamarind

Process: Washed

Varietal: SL-28

Altitude: 1800m

: In stock

Specialty Batch


: Competition BeansSpecialty BatchUAE Roasters

1kg, 250g, Balanced & Fruity, beans, Filter, Kenya, Medium, Washed,

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