+ How recently are the beans roasted, aka ‘freshness’? ⏳

Each bag of specialty beans that we sell is at the optimal taste level at the of purchase (i.e +/- 2 weeks after it has been roasted) to ensure the best coffee experience. Some bags may arrive on the date of roasting or few days after, in this case, we recommend waiting at least 1 week before consumption for best results.  Patience is a virtue 😉

+ How quickly should I consume my beans (i.e. how long do beans stay ‘fresh’)? ⏱

We recommend using your beans within 2 weeks of opening the bag. Coffee beans are protected in a layer of nitrogen ⚗️ that keeps the flavor profile, but this layer does diminish over time making the beans less flavourful over time. 

+ Does Sippy Beans ship outside the UAE? 🌍

At the moment, we only ship within the UAE (remote areas may have delayed shipping times). We do not ship to PO boxes or internationally. All coffee is currently sent via multiple logistics partners. 

We currently do not deliver to the following locations within the UAE:

Al Jubail Island

Al Gurm Resort

Building Materials City

Al Me'rad

Al Adla

Al Haffar

Al Ras Al Akhdar

Break Water 

Al Rumaila

Al Thurayya

Salam City Workers Area - Remote

Nisab, Sahil - Remote

Ghantoot Outer


Ajban Farms, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Outer - Al Ajban

Rawadat Al Reef

Watani Residential Compound

+ What should I do if there’s an issue with my coffee? 😩

If you experience any issues with your coffee, such as a damaged product, incorrect item, or wrong grind size, we’d be happy to assist you. Send us an email to info@sippyme.com

+ How long does shipping take? 🚛

If your order is placed between Saturday - Wednesday, we will deliver within 3 working days.  If your order is placed on Thursday after 3:00 pm, we will only process the order on the following Sunday.
Please note that our specialty roasters have individual roasting schedules and many do not roast over the weekend (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).
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