Tailored Coffee Solutions

We have the wides selection of specialty coffee beans, perfectly suited to help you with your office, hotel, cafe, or gifting needs.

Wholesale Specialty Coffee Beans

From local to international roasters we have collaborated with some of the best specialty coffee roasters in the market to provide you with the perfect variety built specifically for your cafe.

Private Label Solutions

We are your one stop shop for building your own private label. From building your brand identity to sourcing, roasting to packing the end product. We will be your partners through the whole process to make sure you save the maximum amount of resources and time.

Corporate Gifting

What better gift than delicious high quality coffee? Our boxes are fully customizable based on your requirements. From preferred taste to brewing method, we offer something that will suit all coffee lovers.

Equipment & Merchandise

From filter equipment to espresso machines for your house or business, we have you covered.

Private Coffee Experiences

We provide exclusive private experiences that will give you a unique insight into the specialty coffee industry, whether it is for a group of friends or a team activity for your workplace.

Tailored Coffee Consultancy

Whether you are a cafe, a business or your own coffeepreneur we have the market data and years of expertise to guide you all the way from palate development to how to position yourself in the market.

Reach out to us

For inquiries 👉 sam@sippyme.com
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