Guatemala Specialty Coffee Capsules
Comforting & Rich Roasted to perfection, the best beans from Guatemala. This coffee is rich in sweet aromas as well as citrus & floral notes with a deep sweet finish and robust body! [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based Roast Level: Medium...
Dhs. 28.40
Guatemala Finca Santa Paula
Earthy & Rich Nostalgic capsule taste, dark, bold and sweet. Finca Santa Paula coffee from Guatemala has a distinct cocoa aroma and flavor with subtle notes of dark cherry. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Guatemala Tasting Notes: Dark...
Dhs. 40.95
Decaf Brazil Specialty Coffee Capsules
Sweet & Smooth This decaf is a specialty coffee from the mogiana region of Brazil. It is an exquisite coffee decaffeinated using a mountain water process. This coffee is known for its nutty, sweet flavor and low acidity! All our capsules are...
Dhs. 28.40
Capsules Medium Roast
Balanced & Fruity Try an espresso whose brightness you can’t miss. What stands out? Citrus acidity and a syrupy sweet finish. It just shines. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milkbased Roast Level: Medium Origin: Tanzania, Uganda & Rwanda Tasting Notes: Brown sugar &...
Dhs. 19.10
Ethiopia Specialty Coffee Capsules
Balanced & Fruity 100% arabica is known for its floral, berry & citrus notes but then you get strong notes of lemon and tart, berries as well as cane sugar.  [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milkbased Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes:...
Dhs. 28.40
Brazil Specialty Coffee Capsules
Chocolaty & Sweet Medium roast 100% Agua Lipa beans are very well balanced and exhibit tasting notes of dark chocolate & ripe fruit. The acidity is low-toned yet vibrant with a great body! All our capsules are Nespresso compatible. [custom tab] Best...
Dhs. 28.40
Colombia Santa Barbara
Funky & Fruity A cup from Santa Barbara produces an effortlessly balanced cup with moderate acidity, full flavor and a unique sweetness. High-quality beans are cupped daily by the estate workers to deliver a consistent and clean cup that we can’t get...
Dhs. 40.95
Capsules Dark Roast
Chocolaty & Sweet Brown sugar seems to be developing into a pretty frequent flavor note in this delicious blend, and it's here in abundance, complemented by notes of chocolate and caramel. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based  Roast Level: Dark Origin: Nicaragua, Brazil...
Dhs. 19.10

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