Silver Skin Coffee Sippy Beans
Brew Bag - Ethiopian Hambela
Balanced & Fruity This gentle cup features apricot sweetness alongside a juicy orange acidity. [custom tab] Best For: Brew Bag Roast Level: Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Apricot, Orange, Floral, Red berries Process: Natural Varietal: Heirloom  Altitude: 1900m - 2100m [/custom tab]
Dhs. 15.75
Brew Bag - Arabic Special Blend
Earthy & Rich Indian Robusta coffee beans. It releases delicate ripe citrus aromas in the cup, followed by exquisite notes of spices. [custom tab] Best For: Brew Bag Roast Level: Light Origin: India Tasting Notes: Cardamom, Saffron, Sharp, and Light spices Process: N/A Varietal: N/A Altitude: N/A [/custom...
Dhs. 15.75
Brew Bag - Colombia
Chocolaty & Sweet Milk chocolaty and rich through and through, this Colombian complements that sweetness with a hint of nectarine acidity and a dry finish. [custom tab] Best For: Brew Bag Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Nectarine, Berries, Chocolate Process: Washed Varietal: Cataui, Cattaura...
Dhs. 15.75
Brew Bag - Brazil
Earthy & Rich A rich and creamy, full-bodied coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, and almond with a hint of tropical fruit acidity to balance the sweetness. [custom tab] Best For: Brew Bag Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Almond, Brown Sugar, Chocolate Process:...
Dhs. 15.75

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