Gonzo Signature Blend
Chocolate & Sweet If cocoa nibs, honeycomb, and almonds could sing, this would be the Alt-Jazz remix. Easy-going as espresso or straight-up brew; with milk or plant-based alternatives. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso and Milk Based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Rwanda Tasting Notes: Cocoa nibs,...
from Dhs. 40.00
Colombia Palmera
Sweet & Smooth Rich, robust, and nostalgic: this full-bodied cup's hints of spice and chocolate invoke an old-world romance. [custom tab] Best For: Filter or Espresso Roast Level:  Medium Origin:  Colombia Tasting Notes:  Cherry, Cranberry, Grapefruit, Melon, Milk Chocolate, Peach Process:  Washed Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia...
from Dhs. 48.00
Candyman Seasonal Blend
Earthy & Rich All Natural and Honey Processed Single Origins. A super sweet acid trip that's good to hit anytime as a brew, jammy espresso or full cream milk latte. Pipe-dreams are made of this stuff. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods...
from Dhs. 45.00
Alta Mogiana
Earthy & Rich Full-bodied and easy-drinking, this coffee's notes of dark chocolate work in harmony with a raisin and cocoa sweetness to make a cup of coffee that anyone can enjoy. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes:...
from Dhs. 47.30
Brazil Santa Rosa
Comforting & Rich What becomes a coffee legend most? Tradition, perfect farming conditions and roasting that pays attention to detail. All at play in this legend-worthy cup. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso, Milk-based coffee Roast Level: Medium-Light Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Almond, Chocolate,...
from Dhs. 43.26
La Esperanza (250g)
Funky & Fruity Sweet, freshly cut cedar, spicy, a touch of cocoa. Creamy, medium/full body. Clean and balanced, bright pleasant acidity, with a baker's chocolate finish.   [custom tab] Best For: Filter, Espresso, Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Orange, Cocoa, Sweet,...
Dhs. 43.26
Brazil Fazenda Rainha
Chocolaty & Sweet A repeat finalist in the country’s Cup of Excellence competition, Fazenda Rainha took home first prize in 2011. [custom tab] Best For: Filter, Espresso or Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Dark chocolate, caramel, and almond Process:...
from Dhs. 47.52
Colombia - Urrao
from Dhs. 45.90
Colombia - Urrao
Earthy & Rich Sweet, smooth, and easy as pie: this friendly cup brings a soft orange acidity to its nutty sweetness and milk chocolaty body. The perfect companion to a piece of pie. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting...
from Dhs. 45.90
Full & Wild Signature Blend
Comforting & Rich A soft brown sugar and hazelnut sweetness make this cup particularly approachable, with a gentle lemon zing to keep it out of the boring zone. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Savory grapes, lemon zest,...
from Dhs. 40.80
Black Velvet Blend
Sweet & Smooth Sweet, smooth, and easy as pie: this friendly cup brings a spicy feel to its caramel sweetness and dark chocolaty body. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso & Milk based Roast Level: Dark Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia Tasting Notes: Caramel, Molasses,...
from Dhs. 48.30
La Sibarita Honey
Sweet & Inviting This fruity-sweet number blew us away with its silky body and gorgeously refined notes of peach and honey. [custom tab] Best For: Filter, Espresso, Milk-based Roast Level: Medium-Light Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Sweet Aromatic Notes, Floral, Honey, Chocolate & Peach. Process: Honey...
Dhs. 50.50
Balanced & Fruity Interested in fruity coffees, but don't know where to start? Here's your gateway: strawberry sweetness and a delicate acidity make this cup equal parts approachable and exciting.   [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Light Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes:...
from Dhs. 47.30
Sold Out
Colombia - Hullia
Chocolaty & Sweet Classically Colombian (read: sweet and complex but not showy about it), this drinkable cup gives coffee from the region a good name. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso, Milk-based & Frenchpress Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Sweet & Nutty...
Dhs. 42.00
Brazil Santa Lucia
Chocolaty & Sweet Tons of chocolaty sweetness cools nicely to a gentle fruity finish. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Hazelnut with Orange acidity Process: Natural Varietal: Acaia Altitude: 1150m [/custom tab]
from Dhs. 45.10
Brazil Boa Esperanca
Sweet & Smooth With a Velvety mouthfeel, notes of hazelnut, honey and caramel, we assure you that this coffee will leave you remembering it long after your last sip.   [custom tab] Best For: Espresso & Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting...
from Dhs. 39.10
Kenya Mahiga
from Dhs. 46.00
Kenya Mahiga
Balanced & Fruity Refreshing taste, with notes of sweet orange, honey, caramelised sugar and a black tea finish, making each cup delightful and enjoyable.   [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Kenya Tasting Notes: Sweet orange, caramelized sugar, honey,...
from Dhs. 46.00
from Dhs. 43.10
Sweet & Inviting This winey, full-bodied coffee will taste delicious as a espresso or enjoy more of its fruity notes using a filter method. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Uganda Tasting Notes: Red Berries, winey, rich & sweet....
from Dhs. 43.10
Colombia Decaf
Chocolaty & Sweet This sweet, chocolaty number blew us away - it is the best of both worlds, making this a coffee that anyone can enjoy.   [custom tab] Best For: Espresso & Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Peach, Maple syrup,...
from Dhs. 40.10
Drip Coffee - Filter
Funky & Fruity The easiest and fastest way to have a cup of great coffee every day, everywhere, at any time! Features: - Quick and Easy: Just hang the filter in your cup and pour hot water slowly, your coffee...
Dhs. 55.00
El Salvador El Manzano Farm
Funky & Fruity This coffee represents El Salvador very well, it is tropical, it is sweet and enjoyable, you can smell the lovely nutty aroma and be surprised by the orange taste plus the toffee notes, the medium round body...
Dhs. 50.00
Panama Geisha Kambera Ninety Plus Coffee
Comforting & Rich Densely sweet with hints of caramel, this rich, approachable cup is perfectly rounded out by its juicy mixed berry acidity. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Light Origin: Panama Tasting Notes: Black forest cake, caramel, dark cherry, mixed...
from Dhs. 195.70
Gersey Natural
Funky & Fruity This Syrupy bodied cup, with notes of berries will leave you wanting more long after your last sip. [custom tab] Best For: Milk-based Coffee, Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Black currant, Prune, Grapefruit, Heavy body Process: Natural Varietal: Heirloom...
Dhs. 96.80
Instant Pour Over Brazil Fazenda Rainha
Chocolaty & Sweet Our on-the-go solution for a damn good cup of coffee. A box of 20 portable specialty coffee which can save you from a not-so good day.  [custom tab] Best For: Instant Pour Over Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Brazil Tasting...
Dhs. 162.00
Dried Coffee Cascara
Sweet & Inviting Extraordinary sweet and bold taste from the richest soil and tropical climate of the Juayua Mountains in El Salvador, the Pacamara ripe cherries are carefully picked by hand and their skin is removed from the coffee bean...
Dhs. 68.18
Panama Geisha Symbiosis Finca Deborah
Funky & Fruity This exciting cup will keep you hanging by the edge of your seat. Perfectly rounded out by its juicy mixed berry acidity and honey and bubble gum sweetness. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Light Origin: Panama Tasting Notes:...
from Dhs. 262.65
Rwanda Fugi Lot N20
Funky & Fruity Here is a coffee that could be your new favorite. It is funky and fruity for lovers of chocolate and fruit flavors, with distinct notes of Black Grapes, Dried Apricot and chocolate fudge. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast...
from Dhs. 87.55
Rwanda Fugi Lot N19
Balanced & Fruity With strawberry, floral and savory notes, this coffee delivers a cozy warmth to wake you from your slumber. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Light Origin: Rwanda Tasting Notes: strawberry sorbet, mixed berries, maple syrup, pinot noir Process: Natural Anaerobic Varietal: Red Bourbon...
from Dhs. 72.10
El Progresso
Balanced & Fruity This cup carries stone fruit notes, with a dried fruity after taste. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Huila, Colombia Tasting Notes: Plum, Passion fruit, Dried fruit notes finish Process: Washed Varietal: Colombia Altitude: 1500m [/custom tab]
Dhs. 104.50

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