Ethiopian Guji Hambela
Sweet & Smooth It's not often we see such a full body in a coffee roasted this lightly, and with its creamy notes of milk chocolate, it really works. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods  Roast Level: Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Orange Blossom,...
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Colombian Inza
from Dhs. 55.20
Colombian Inza
Chocolaty & Sweet Inzais the perfect balance of panela sweetness and honey depth. In other words, it's a friendly, approachable cup that's far from boring. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods  Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Panela, Sweet, Balance, Honey, Medium Body...
from Dhs. 55.20
Brazilian Catuai Rosa
Chocolaty & Sweet Rich chocolaty sweetness and notes of vanilla make this classic Brazilian profile a tried-and-true crowd-pleaser. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based  Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Vanilla Sweetness, Full Body, Dried Fruits, Dark Chocolate Process: Natural Varietal: Catuai Rosa Altitude: 1080m -...
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Colombian Geisha
Balanced & Fruity Bright, juicy strawberries and sweet maple syrup notes and bergamot elevate this cup's sweetness and acidity. [custom tab] Best For: Filter  Roast Level: Light-Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Bergamot, Lemongrass, Maple Syrup, Sweet Strawberry, Malik Acid Process: Natural Varietal: Heirloom - Geisha Altitude: 1300m -...
Dhs. 160.00

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