Brazil - Nosa Senhora Aparecida
Comforting & Rich Medium-light roastiness and all the candy bar sweetness you can hope for makes this single-origin one you'll be happy to relax with. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Light-Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Plum, Body/Fullness, Buttery, Nectarine,...
Dhs. 65.00
Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe
Balanced & Fruity Smooth, fruity, and sweet, with notes of vanilla, lavender, and meyer lemon. This naturally processed coffee may change your whole perception of what coffee can be. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Light-Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Fruits, Rich...
Dhs. 65.00
Guatemala MAM
Chocolaty & Sweet This super-clean, big-bodied Guatemalan features notes of dark chocolate and cherry sweetness, with that touch of earthiness signature to the region. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso or Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Guatemala Tasting Notes: Almond, Body/Fullness, Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate,...
Dhs. 65.00
Colombia - Huila
Sweet & Inviting Caramel sweetness and a thoroughly pleasant lemonade acidity combine in a cup that welcomes coffee lovers of all palates. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Light-Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Tea Flavours, sweet clean, lemon Process: Washed Varietal: Huila Altitude: 1225m - 1800m [/custom...
Dhs. 65.00

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