CRACK Coffee Roasters Sippy Beans
Work Blend
Chocolaty & Sweet Bold and full-bodied, with deep notes of dark chocolate balanced by a spicy sweetness like cinnamon sugar. Milk drinkers rejoice: this one will stand up to your creamer of choice. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Dark Origin: Blend...
from Dhs. 55.00
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Dumerso
Balanced & Fruity It's no secret we love Ethiopian naturals, and this juicy berry formula is no exception. We're finding orange blossom right up front, with a little more funky tropical fruit as it cools, finishing with a kiss of hazelnut and...
from Dhs. 65.00
Brazil Microlot, Fazenda Santa Inacia
Chocolaty & Sweet Tons of chocolaty sweetness and a spicy aroma cools nicely to a gentle fruity orange finish. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil Tasting Notes: Orange, chocolate, and vanilla Process: Natural Varietal: Bourbon Altitude: 1400m [/custom tab]
from Dhs. 65.00
Burundi Buzira
Funky & Fruity Interested in fruity coffees, but don't know where to start? Here's your gateway: gentle raspberry sweetness and a soft orange acidity make this cup equal parts approachable and exciting. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Burundi Tasting Notes: Raspberry,...
from Dhs. 65.00
House Blend
Chocolaty & Sweet A little shock of sweet vanilla yields quickly to a pleasantly smooth, milk chocolaty sweetness with notes of blueberry. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Medium  Origin: Blend (Nicaragua, Congo, Uganda) Tasting Notes: Rich chocolate, sweet vanilla, blueberry notes Process: N/A Varietal: N/A...
from Dhs. 55.00

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