The Giant Blend - Cold Brew Special
Smooth & Inviting With notes of juicy citrus and creamy hazelnut, this coffee is harmony in a cup. We have yet to find anyone who questions its sweet, velvety deliciousness. [custom tab] Best For: Cold Brew, Espresso or Filter Roast Level: Dark Origin: Blend Tasting...
from Dhs. 53.00
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Sweet & Smooth It comes in 2 bottles only. Amazing cold brew at home? We have chills. Friendly to a variety of cold-brew methods, this pleases a crowd with its low-acid, approachable finish.   [custom tab] Best For: Cold Brew Roast Level:  Dark Origin: Blend...
Dhs. 130.00
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Cold Brew - Banana Cat 3000
Earthy & Rich Has coffee ever literally saved your life? Probably not. But some days, it sure feels like it could. And on those days this well-balanced, cocoa-nutty, crowd-pleaser of a coffee certainly lives up to its name. [custom tab] Best For: Cold...
Dhs. 30.00

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