Burundi Gahahe Station
Sweet & Smooth Super smooth, juicy, sweet, and nicely balanced coffee, the result of 1,740 small farmers' harvests in Burundi. We can really say this is the best of Burundi! [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Light Origin: Burundi Tasting Notes: Orange confit, Caramel, Lime-ade Process:...
Dhs. 77.05
Chocolaty & Sweet This blend is a seasonal pairing of coffees that we feel coalesce to form a crisp, clean, sweet, and accessible option amenable both to espresso and drip preparation.  [custom tab] Best For: Milk-based coffee, French Press, Espresso Roast Level: Medium...
Dhs. 74.75
Nicaragua Finca Idealista
Sweet & Inviting The attention to detail and excellent production standards at Gold Mountain in Nicaragua have created this super clean and sweet finished coffee making this coffee one of the most special we have tried from this roaster. [custom tab]...
Dhs. 78.20
Colombia La Virgen
Balanced & Fruity Extremely high altitudes and wonderful soil make coffees from Huila some of the brightest and juiciest you will find in Colombia.  [custom tab] Best For:  All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Light Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Wild Cherry, Apple Juice, Fortune Cookie...
Dhs. 74.75

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