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BLOT La Riviera
Funky & Fruity Floral notes and loud black tea provide the backbone of this Colombian coffee, with a bit of interesting orange acidity making the situation a little tropical. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Orange, Black Tea, Floral...
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BLOT Damarli Estate
Funky & Fruity Though the flavors in this one are a little wild, they come in service of a soft-bodied, fairly fruity overall experience. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Panama Tasting Notes: Tropical Fruits, Red Plum, Watermelon Process: Natural Anaerobic Varietal: Pacamara...
Dhs. 120.75
Buena Vista Washed
Balanced & Fruity Interested in fruity coffees, but don't know where to start? Here's your gateway: stone fruits acidity, an orangey aftertaste and complemented by a caramel sweetness make this cup equal parts approachable and exciting. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium...
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BLOT Shakisso Dasaya
Subtle & Delicate Smooth, fruity and sweet, with notes of grapes, lavender and blueberry. This naturally processed coffee may change your whole perception of what coffee can be. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Lavander, Grapes, Blueberry, Juicy Process: Natural...
Dhs. 94.50

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