Abou Anwar's Blend
Comforting & Rich With its rich, chocolaty body, dried fruits sweetness, and barely-there spicy notes, this is basically a hug in a mug. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Yemen & Colombia  Tasting Notes: Intriguing flavors of Dried Fruits and...
from Dhs. 47.00
Yemen Haraaz
Comforting & Rich Cinnamon and notes complement dried fruit tones for a delicious coffee. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Yemen  Tasting Notes: Dried Fruits, Cinnamon with Balanced Acidity and Sweetness Process: Natural Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom Altitude: 1370m-2740m [/custom tab]
from Dhs. 53.00
Panama Jurutungo
Subtle & Delicate Blackberry is a note we often identify with natural process coffees, so seeing it pop up in an elegant washed coffee is a special (and delicious!) moment. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Panama  Tasting Notes: Blackberry with hints...
from Dhs. 53.00
Rwanda Mushonyi
Balanced & Fruity Chock full o' berries balanced by a pleasant acidity rounded out by a sweetness that reminds us of vanilla. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Rwanda  Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Tropical Fruits with Pleasant Acidity Process: Natural Varietal: Red Bourbon Altitude: 1600m-1950m...
from Dhs. 47.00
Colombia Women's Power Organic
Chocolaty & Sweet Distinct chocolaty notes open up this classically Colombian cup, balanced by a deliciously tangy lemon acidity. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia  Tasting Notes: Chocolate hints of Nutmeg, Walnuts with Lemon Bitters finish Process: Fully Washed Varietal:...
from Dhs. 47.00
Indonesia Sumatra Kerinci
Balanced & Fruity With notes you're more likely to find in a bag of fruit snacks than a bag of coffee beans, this Indonesian gem will delight you if you already love fruity coffee and could open your mind if you're not...
from Dhs. 47.00
Cafe Younes Blend
Balanced & Fruity Here’s the bright side. This is everything we love about blended coffee, in a cup: citrus acidity and earthiness. Hello, optimism. [custom tab] Best For: Filter or Espresso Roast Level: Medium Origin: Indonesia & Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Fruity, Sweet, Delicate Clean Cup Process: Various...
from Dhs. 47.00

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