Abou Anwar's Blend
Comforting & Rich With its rich, chocolaty body, dried fruits sweetness, and barely-there spicy notes, this is basically a hug in a mug. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Yemen & Colombia  Tasting Notes: Intriguing flavors of Dried Fruits and...
from Dhs. 47.50
Yemen Haraaz
Comforting & Rich Cinnamon and notes complement dried fruit tones for a delicious coffee. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Yemen  Tasting Notes: Dried Fruits, Cinnamon with Balanced Acidity and Sweetness Process: Natural Varietal: Indigenous Heirloom Altitude: 1370m-2740m [/custom tab]
from Dhs. 53.20
Indonesia Sumatra Kerinci
Balanced & Fruity With notes you're more likely to find in a bag of fruit snacks than a bag of coffee beans, this Indonesian gem will delight you if you already love fruity coffee and could open your mind if you're not...
from Dhs. 50.00
Earthy & Rich A rich and creamy, full-bodied coffee with notes of apple, lime and pear mixed with a hint of milk chocolate and nuts to balance fruit acidity and sweetness. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Kenya...
Dhs. 47.50
Rwanda Mushonyi
Balanced & Fruity Chock full o' berries balanced by a pleasant acidity rounded out by a sweetness that reminds us of vanilla. [custom tab] Best For: Filter Roast Level: Medium Origin: Rwanda  Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Tropical Fruits with Pleasant Acidity Process: Natural Varietal: Red Bourbon Altitude: 1600m-1950m...
from Dhs. 47.50
Black Coffee Blend
Sweet & Smooth Sweet and Smooth, with a chocolate and roasted nuts sweetness to it and a hint of black tea notes y to bring it all together. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso & Milk-based Roast Level: Medium Origin: Brazil & Guatemala Tasting...
Dhs. 41.80
Cafe Younes Blend
Balanced & Fruity Here’s the bright side. This is everything we love about blended coffee, in a cup: citrus acidity and earthiness. Hello, optimism. [custom tab] Best For: Filter or Espresso Roast Level: Medium Origin: Indonesia & Ethiopia Tasting Notes: Fruity, Sweet, Delicate Clean Cup Process: Various...
from Dhs. 50.00
Colombia Decaff
Sweet & Inviting These beans by Cafe Younes represents the best intersection of healthy decaffeinated coffee. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso Roast Level: Medium Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Intense aroma with sweet caramel notes. Process: Naturally Decaffeinated Varietal: Castillo Altitude: 1700m [/custom tab]
Dhs. 50.00
Burundi Gihere
Funky & Fruity So complex yet balanced and clean - we bet you would approve. Big and bold with a mouthwatering acidity. [custom tab] Best For: All Brewing Methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Burundi Tasting Notes: Grapefruit, hints of blackberry with mouthwatering acidity...
Dhs. 50.00
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Honduras Specialty-Decaf
Sweet & Smooth With a smooth, medium body, and its creamy notes of caramel...it really works. [custom tab] Best For: Milk-based  Roast Level: Medium Origin: Honduras Tasting Notes: Caramel, Sweet Process: Swiss Water Varietal: Caturra Altitude: 1500-1800m [/custom tab]
Dhs. 47.50
Marjeiouni Blend Capsules
Rich & Earthy This rich and earthy coffee is a special blend of origins between Brazil and Nicaragua that you will love. Enjoy a cup of this coffee to start your day with a bang. [custom tab] Best For: Espresso & Milk-based...
Dhs. 30.00
Black Coffee Blend Capsules
Chocolaty & Sweet Blended using premium beans from Brazil and Nicaragua, Black Coffee is giving coffee lovers a reason to do more than just enjoy a morning cup of joe. With their distinctively rich chocolate flavors and Nutty taste notes....
Dhs. 30.00
Mocha Java Blend
Balanced & Fruity This coffee is perfect for all brewing methods. [custom tab] Best For: All brewing methods Roast Level: Medium Origin: Yemen & Indonesia Tasting Notes: A wild and fruity flavor Process: Washed & Natural Varietal: Andung Sari, Heirloom Altitude: 1,400 to 2,740m [/custom...
Dhs. 50.00
Colombia Bochica
Earthy & Rich You can distinguish exquisite notes of chocolate, caramel cream and hazlenut, making this cup of coffee one you will remember long after your last sip. [custom tab] Best For: French Press Roast Level: Medium-Dark Origin: Colombia Tasting Notes: Caramel, Chocolate,...
Dhs. 50.00

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