Women That Are Revolutionizing The Coffee Industry


March 8, International Women's Day, this day is celebrated all over the world to advocate for the advancement of women rights. At Sippy we have decided to highlight some of the most inspiring women which are revolutionizing the coffee industry.

Orit Mohammed - Founder and CEO of Boon Coffee Roasters

Originally from Ethiopia, Orit completed a master’s degree in public policy, she moved to Ethiopia from Washington DC with plans to work in the public policy area focusing on development issues. However, not long after she met the love of her life which led her to Dubai. 

After a few years in Dubai she noticed that not many coffee roasters would source directly from the farmers, this incited her interest. On top of this, Orit felt like at the time no one was showcasing Ethiopian coffee as a specialty coffee.

One day she decided her mission would be to introduce Ethiopian coffee production, processing and traceability to small farmers who have been giving this “black gold” to the world without benefiting from the economic returns. 

Her heritage traces back to generations of coffee farmers and traders, therefore, it made sense to have her own roastery and source directly from family and friends back in Ethiopia.

Even though penetrating the market was challenging, fast forward to today and Orit has managed to open up several cafes and increase her coffee bean offering.

"It’s a male-dominated industry and perhaps they were taken aback when I walked through the door, but once people tried the coffee, it didn’t matter"

Mariam Erin - 2021 UAE National Brewer Cup Champion

Mariam Erin was born in Quezon Province, Philippines. After finishing a degree in Bachelor of Science in Food Technology and working in food laboratories in the Philippines, she decided to pursue a career within the coffee industry in the United Arab Emirates. Currently she is working as Head Barista of The Espresso Lab in Abu Dhabi.

She was recently awarded the 2021 UAE National Brewer Cup Champion and representative of the country in the upcoming World Coffee Championship.

Alongside her career in coffee, she has never left the scene of creating an artwork. She enjoys being behind the bar everyday as she is considering the whole coffee chain as a beautiful never-ending-artwork. 

Mariam wants to share it with her customers on a daily basis, how they will appreciate the coffee in a unique way, she believes that coffee science is relevant, but as an artist and barista it’s her responsibility to transfer that knowledge and make sure her customers have enjoyable, exciting experience in an artistic way "over the brew-bar".
"I am a hungry-student of coffee, always! But it will never stop me from creating an art-piece in every single day of my coffee-life, as it has always been in my DNA, so let's enjoy GOOD coffee together.”


Maria Eduarda Becker Pavani - Chief Coffee Officer of Três Marias Coffee Company

Maria’s journey with specialty coffee was working at Café Cultura, a leading special coffee house in Brazil which sparked a quest to gather more knowledge on the industry. A graduate of marketing, she has since furthered her education to become a Specialty Coffee Association Trainer, a sensory judge for barista championships and a Q Arabica Grader: a certification that only 10,000 people in the world hold.

Maria moved to Dubai in 2013 to work as a barista in a local five-star hotel and within three months was offered a job at the very first specialty coffee roastery in the region where she was exposed to the growing market of specialty coffee in the Middle East. Following this opportunity, she was offered a partnership deal where she set up and developed Tres Marias from scratch.

Nine years later, Tres Marias is one of the most successful coffee roasteries in the UAE.

Astrid Medina - Coffee Farmer

Astrid Medina, from Tolima, a very well known area in Colombia for coffee production began her journey in coffee agriculture at just 14 years old, Medina graduated in agricultural production technology at SENA.

She followed the footsteps of her grandfather and father and in 2006 together with three younger siblings, she inherited the Buena Vista farm from her father who had been killed by Marxist rebels.

She has dedicated herself, with tenacity and discipline, focusing on the highest standards of quality. This coffee was rewarded with the Cup of Excellence Award in 2015.

Finca Buena Vista is one of the truly great coffee farms in Colombia thanks to all of her hard work and passion for high quality coffee.

Well done to all of these amazing and to all of the other women that are changing the coffee industry one coffee cup at a time!

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