What Is Maragogipe Coffee & Why Is it Special?


There are so many coffee varieties around the world, but recently the Maragogipe coffee varietal came into our radar as apart from the extremely difficult to pronounce this coffee is also known as "elephant coffee beans". You may ask why, well hence the description these beans can reach to be at least 4 times bigger than the regular coffee bean size. 

This rare varietal is believed to have developed out of chance from a Typica mutation, its name comes from the city where it was first cultivated in Maragogipe, in the North-East Region of Brazil. The cherries that these beans are the pips of, are much larger than standard coffee cherries, being more of the size of Spanish Olives than the usual Rosehip size.

Since then many Latin American countries have adopted this unique variety, most of them can be found in Mexico, Nicaragua, or Guatemala. Those from Chiapas, Mexico, and the Coban district of Guatemala have the best reputation.

The flavour profile that can be seen with Maragogipe coffee can drastically change depending on the soil it grows on, altitude and many other factors. There are a lot of different opinions about whether this coffee is better than other varieties and over the last 100 years there have been controversial reviews about it, however, overall most coffee aficionados can agree that these beans produce a less acidic cup compared to any other Arabica variety, even when grown under the same conditions.

If you are curious about trying one of the best Maragogipe coffees we have tried, RÉÉ CoffeeOriginals have this subtle & delicate coffee from Mexico, make sure to compare the beans with any other coffee varietal to see the difference in size and appearance. 

Mexico is one of the few countries harvesting this coffee organically. REE's Reserva Maragogype coffee is special not only because of the uncommonly large size of its beans, but because of its smooth and citrusy flavour profile, complimented by the traditional chocolatey aftertaste of the region.

The coffee of this cooperative is sourced directly from a natural protected biosphere area. The sustainable harvesting practices and its smallholder compensation system cultivate national pride for the region with Mexico.

In 2015, RÉÉ visited the natural biosphere reserve “El Triunfo” with the intention to taste new delicious coffee profiles the cooperative “Reserva Triunfo Verde” has to offer.

It was then that the Maragogype bean was rediscovered, first air identifying the large size beans in cupping session, confirming this area conducting inspections through the coffee plantations. 

Mexican Maragogype is the embodiment of social and sustainable practices and a tribute to all efforts of Mexican organic agriculture!

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