What To Do With Your Used Coffee Grounds - Inspired By Celeste Wong


There are many things that can be done with used coffee grounds, but one of our favourite that we recently came across is a coffee face mask inspired by Celeste Wong.

Apart from being a good way to reuse the waste from your morning brew, it will leave your skin feeling smooth and fresh, just like you after you drink your coffee.

Coffee Face Mask Recipe:

  • 50-60g dried ground coffee, the finer the better - You are looking to end up with an espresso grind level.
  • 3 or more of your favourite essential oils about 4 drops each - add 1 table spoon of coconut oil, slightly heated.
  • Add 2 table spoons of either avocado oil or rapeseed oil.
  • Hand mix it all together until it forms a paste-like consistency.

Spread the mixture evenly across your face and leave it on for at least 10 minutes. Rinse the mixture with warm water and voila fresh-looking face.

Celeste’s Tip:

Buy a tinted glass cosmetic and fill them up with your coffee face mask as the tinted glass will protect the mixture from the sun and make the mixture last for longer.

The tinted glass protects from the sunlight. The coffee face mask will be quite solid when you scoop it out but it will melt quickly once it touches your skin. If kept in the fridge it will last weeks!

Who is Celeste Wong?

She is an actress and top coffee barista born in New Zealand but her family originally come from China. Celeste has had a successful career in the specialty coffee industry, from holding top positions at leading artisan coffee shops across the world for the last decade to being named one of London’s top 5 baristas by the Financial Times.

She began her journey in coffee by working for one of the leading roasteries/cafes in New Zealand and learning how to make a good cup of coffee.

Once she moved to London she worked in Flatwhite and Milkbar, and a few years later she became the Head of Coffee and assistant GM of Lantana Cafe.

Nowadays, Celeste is a coffee influencer, she consults and produces content for various cafes and lifestyle brands. Additionally, she has her own brand of specialty coffee beans.

Celeste will be hosting this year's London Coffee Festival (Virtual) on the 16th of April 2021. You can also follow her coffee journey on her blog The Girl in the Cafe where she features specialty coffee industry leaders and lovers, as well as many other topics.

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