The Best Tips for Drinking Coffee During Ramadan


With Ramadan just around the corner the Sippy Team has decided to give you the ultimate guide on how to best enjoy this miraculous drink while fasting during this holy month. We understand that quitting your daily dose of caffeine and shifting it to the night might not be the easiest.

When is the best time to drink coffee during Ramadan? 

We would like to start by advising you to not break your fast with a cup of coffee as tempting as it may sound since this would be too acidic for your stomach to handle after fasting. Instead break your fast with dates and light meals and then feel free to enjoy our favourite coffee, we sure will too!

Waiting for one or two hours after breaking your fast to drink coffee will allow your blood sugar levels to regulate before introducing caffeine into your system.

Consider only drinking coffee during Iftar and just one cup at Sohour as you might feel dehydrated for the rest of the day otherwise.

Does the roast level of the coffee affect the acidity on your stomach?

Even though all coffees have the same pH levels, dark roast coffees actually stimulate the extraction of a chemical that helps prevent stomach acid from happening. Therefore, the darker the roast the better for your stomach, as well as the least it would irritate your stomach.

Additionally, some studies have shown that coffees grown at lower elevations are less acidic than one grown at higher elevations.

Here are some of our recommendations for our best darker roast coffees


What coffee should I drink in Ramadan?

Of course that after a long day of waiting around the only thing you would want to enjoy is your favourite coffee. However, since your coffee consumption will shift towards the night hours we would recommend to switch to decaf after your first cup of regular coffee as this will prevent you from insomnia. 

Here are some of our recommendations of our best decaf coffees

Ramadan Kareem to all of you, feel free to get in touch with us at if you want any more tips and recommendations for the month of holy month of Ramadan!

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