The Best Coffee Documentaries To Watch On A Cozy Night In & The Best Coffee To Go With It


Sit back, get your blankets, popcorn and coffee and allow us to take you through our favourite pick of coffee movies!

A Film About Coffee - 2014

Who should watch this movie? People who want an introduction to specialty coffee and the concept of Third Wave coffee.

Many say this movie is probably the most beautiful and well-produced coffee movie made about coffee to date. 

The movie has an interesting interplay between scenes from the US and more exotic origin countries around the world where you can see from farmers to baristas how specialty coffee has impacted their lives

To watch this wonderful documentary, head over to iTunes.


Coffee Match: Anthology by Sippy Beans

The Coffee Man - 2016

Who should watch this movie? Coffee lovers who want to know more about coffee competitions and one of the few superstars of modern coffee.

This movie follows the journey of Sasa Sestic leading up to his participation and victory in the World Barista Championship in Seattle in 2015. Sasa has a compelling story that will make you want to continue watching even if you are not the biggest fan of coffee competitions. 

To start with, Sasa hails from Ex-Yugoslavia and became a refugee when the war broke out at the beginning of the 1990s. He and his family moved to Australia and Sasa ended up representing Australia at the Olympics in Sydney as a promising handball player.

However, life happened  and he had to give up the dream of becoming a professional athlete and instead, the coffee ends up being Sasa’s passion.

Watch here!

Coffee Match: Panama Geisha Lot 303 - Janson Coffee by Archers Coffee

The AeroPress Movie - 2018

Who should watch this movie? People who want an entertaining, feel-good story about innovation and the creativity of coffee people

As you have probably gathered from the name this movie is about AeroPress, but the story it tells is so geeky and fun you will get through the whole movie wanting more.

The movie focuses on the eccentric inventor of the coffee gadget, Alan Adler. He describes his journey coming up with the idea, and developing it to a point The World AeroPress came to be.

We can promise you will definitely not be bored while watching this movie -watch here 

Coffee Match: The Giant Blend - Cold Brew Special by Tres Marias

Black Gold -2006

Who should watch this movie? People who are socially conscious and want to know more about the darker sides of the coffee trade. 

Black Coffee touches upon topics such as how coffee farmers are known to be treated in a lot of third world countries. It follows Tadesse Meskela, the manager of Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, in his quest to elevate the living standards among farmers.

Ethiopia is famed for being the birthplace of coffee, and the country grows an abundance of amazing beans today. However, even though coffee is often portrayed as black gold (hence the name), farmers only get a very small percentage for their hard work. 

 watch here

Coffee Match: Full & Wild Signature Blend by Boon


Barista: The Battle For The Perfect Cup Is On! - 2015

Who should watch this movie? Anyone that is new to the world of specialty coffee competitions.

This documentary follows 5  baristas before the well-known National Barista Championship. Regardless of your level of expertise on making coffee, this documentary will teach you a thing or two about techniques that will take your morning coffee to a whole new level.

If you want to watch Barista, simply head over to Hulu, Amazon Prime, or iTunes.


Coffee Match: To-La Reserve Jasper - Ethiopia by Taf

Connected By Coffee- 2014

Who should watch this movie? For people who are interested in coffee roasting and the origins of coffee, all the way from how the farmer produces it to when we drink, this is the perfect bean to cup documentary. 

The documentary dives into the social side of coffee roasting and production, by following the lives of two coffee farmers in Mexico and Nicaragua. You will learn more about the principle of fair trade and how coffee production can impact small coffee communities.

Connected By Coffee is not  available on all streaming services. However, you can still watch this compelling documentary on iTunes.

Coffee Match: Nicaragua Nueva Segovia by Supra Coffee

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