Sippy Customer Review - Naveed Syed


The first time I was acquainted to Sippy was at Ratios Coffee in 2017. I didn’t know that this was going to be our regular coffee spot, and it was reinforced with a free coffee on the house thanks to Sippy. 

The Sippy app has often helped me discover new specialty cafes nearby. What also made it better, was to throw away those pesky loyalty cards that add nothing but bulk to your wallet. 

The solution to this, a centralized loyalty plan that you can top up and take advantage of those free cups coming your way. This is advantageous in two ways.

First, you are not tied up to one coffee shop for that free coffee. And second, this will help budget your coffee spending for the month. This was a win-win for me all the way.

Home brewers will also be familiar with Sippy Beans wherein you can order freshly roasted coffee from some of the finest roasters in the UAE. Recently, they have been featuring a handful of US based roasters and their coffee, which is hard to get their hands on in the first place.

Ever since work from home has been introduced at my work place last year, my coffee consumption has also increased by double. Sometimes I end up ordering up to four bags of coffee. 

With the launch of their new Sippy Beans app, it is even more easy to order coffee now. Coffee subscription also makes so much sense now to try out new varieties and coffee delivered to you every month without you breaking your head and suffering from paradox of choice. 

A wide variety of options are good but it almost always leads to some kind of buyer’s remorse. Why? Because your standards have been raised when you see different selection of geishas and you want them all. This monthly subscription takes the decision fatigue out of the equation. 

If you have read my previous What I’m Brewing blog posts, I recently finished a bag of From Coffee with Love Filter Blend and two very interesting coffee from Archers. All available on Sippy Beans, of course.

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