Ramadan Campaign - Sippy Joins Nefsy to Raise 50,000 Meals


We recently met over coffee with Khaled Diab, founder of Nefsy to discuss his initiative and learn more about his motivation behind it and how businesses like Sippy can collaborate and support more CSR projects in the region.

Nefsy started was as a food delivery and discount app where for every meal you purchased someone in need would receive one meal in return at no extra cost. 

This idea came to Khaled one day came across a beggar on the street and when Khaled offered to give him money the man refused and told Khaled that he would prefer getting food than money, this is when Khaled realised he needed to do something about it, to be able to provide one of the most basic needs to people which are not even secure that they will get one meal a day. This is how his journey began, with one simple interaction. 

As time went by and COVID hit many people and families were heavily affected, people lost their jobs and saw significant decreases in their salaries, this new initiative and model that Nefsy has implemented will be a way to relief as many people as possible in these tough times. 

In the spirit of the Holy Month of  Ramadan and Eid which is fast approaching, this initiative celebrates the happiness of sharing with others. They have partnered with UAE  Food Bank aims to set a Guinness World Record by distributing 50,000 donated meals and food parcels in five hours during Ramadan.

If you want to find our more Nefsy and all of the great work they have been doing find out more check out their Instagram or their website.

Here at SIPPY we believe that as a business it is important to be able to contribute with projects like these where we can benefit the local community and support as much as we can, not only when it comes to food but also health and education.

From now on every time you buy a Sippy Beans product we will be donating 10% of our profits to Nefsy in order to support this charitable cause and many of the exciting projects they will be working on during the next couple of months.

Permit Number 3720 from IACAD

Shop now to contribute towards this great initiative!

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