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The Beginning of Sam's Journey...

I began my journey as a coffee lover when I was around 4 or 5 years old. I would wake up  every morning to a strong smell of coffee coming from an old moka pot that my grandparents had. My grandma would let me have some coffee with a lot of milk to dip my cookies into for breakfast. 

As I became older I reconnected back with coffee the same way we all did, you guessed it, because of having to study for longer hours during my last few years of high school. Of course the coffee I was drinking back then was no other than the famous 3 in 1 coffee sachets and the occasional Starbucks with extra cream. 

Once I went to university in the UK to study International Business my coffee consumption increased, however, at the time more and more independent coffee shops began to become popular. One of those coffee shops happened to be its own roastery which would host free coffee workshops every 2 weeks. I fell in love with the world of specialty coffee, for me coffee has always been something that I associate with increasing energy levels or as an excuse to see a friend during the middle of the day.

As time went by I cared more and more about the way my coffee tasted and where it came from and how it was prepared, even though back then I only really used my moka pot to make coffee. 

Being a Part of The Sippy Team...

Fast forward to today I have worked in two different specialty coffee companies and I own a large amount of coffee gadgets, but my favourite no doubt would be the V60. 

I am extremely passionate about the specialty coffee industry as it is an industry which apart from quality being the highest priority it is all about transparency and improving  living standards and wages for coffee farmers.

One of my favourite coffee shops in Dubai is Surge in Al Quoz, It doesn’t matter what day you go in you will find the head roaster around and he will happily explain everything you need to know about coffee and the vibe is very relaxed and friendly. 

I believe that this is only the beginning for the specialty coffee industry and as the years go by we will continue to see an increase in the demand for specialty coffee beans as well as smaller roasters and cafes. 

Companies like SIPPY are not only a one stop shop for everything specialty coffee but we are also raising awareness of this industry where we benefit coffee farmers that would otherwise be over-exploited by larger coffee corporations.

I truly love being a part of such a dynamic and passionate team!

Business Development & PR Executive

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