Meet The Team: Shehzeen


The Beginning of Shehzeen's Journey...

My earliest memory of coffee is when I used to use it as a hand warmer back in London in 2011. It was a ‘Tall Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato with 2 sugars’. I didn’t immediately love the taste but that kick after I drank it gave me the happiest, most productive, exciting times! Now who could let go of that? 

I started my career off in Finance M&A with the intention to eventually start a business. At that time I didn’t care what it was in as long as it had a charitable or social impact arm within. I always thought that to make a business successful, all you need is to find a gap and pair it with sound business judgement. I was very wrong… 

Passion is key.

Being a Part of The Sippy Team...

That is where SIPPY came along! It combined business, tech and COFFEE with a strong, clear mission to give specialty coffee a voice over commercial coffee in every way possible. To have the chance to grow something that you’ve been passionate about for so long unleashes a level of creativity, drive and perseverance that no other job can. It’s an absolute blessing to make an impact in this industry with a team that is brilliant and just as passionate. 

Everyday is different and exhilarating - just like our morning cups of coffee! 

Sippy Beans holds the largest variety of local and international roasters in the region and is the 1st ever native app for coffee bean delivery and Sippy Cafe App will very soon be the largest specialty coffee map in the world.

Let’s support the specialty coffee community from crop to cup and explore the divine variety it has to offer! 

My favorite beans are the Natural Guatemala from the Huehuetenango region and they’re brewed best as an espresso. My favorite cafe is probably my own brew bar at home where I experiment endlessly - these days I’m perfecting my Kalita method and it’s slowly becoming my go to! 

If you ever need advice on how or why to switch from commercial coffee to specialty coffee or how to elevate your specialty coffee experience, we at Sippy are always here to help and join you in that journey. 

Managing Director 

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