Exploring Roasters: Dubai Al Quoz Pt. 1


As we all know there are a countless number of rosteries in Al Quoz, here are some of our favourite ones!

  • Cafe Rider

    Cafe rider was established back in 2013, when the owners decided to build an establishment that would cater around their main passions: coffee, community and custom motorcycles. 7 years after they have created a welcoming and relaxing environment where friends, families and the community at large could gather and spend quality time together.

    No matter what time of the day you visit their roastery, you will always find people working or meeting friends while enjoying some delicious coffee.

    Whether you are a coffee lover or a motorcycle lover this is just the place to be. 
    Cafe Rider’s motto is to be original and to be free and this exactly what their coffee and their cafe reflects. Their beans are of the highest standards, they always experiment with new exciting origins.

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    • Nightjar

      The coolest spot in Alserkal Avenue, Nightjar was formed in 2017 by a group of eclectic coffee lovers who are passionate about good coffee and to support the communities around the world that produce it.

       Apart from their impressive roasting facilities and the quality of their coffee, the atmosphere of their cafe is something like you have never seen before in a coffee shop in the UAE.  The exposed ceilings, dark woods and a huge wrap-around bar with many taps, offering cold brews, nitro brews and nitro tea, will make you feel as cool as it looks. 

      Their unique style is represented everywhere, from their single origin coffees, to their blends and their fun packaging.

      • Goldbox

        Gold Box is said to be one of the first Specialty Coffee Roasters in Dubai, they opened their doors back in 2015. They wanted to create a concept where urban industrial design meets clean white lines. 

        Their roaster can be clearly seen as soon as you walk to the space behind glass, where you can see the whole roasting process and the behind the scenes of how their delicious coffee is carefully crafted, we can already imagine the smell of freshly roasted beans. 

        Whether you want to learn more about your coffee, meet a friend or do business, Gold box is the perfect place if you are looking for an aesthetic and relaxing experience.

         Keep a lookout for Gold Box Roastery 2.0 coming soon!  With a new state of the art roastery, showroom and SCA certified training facility.  The showroom will also house a funky, hip coffee lounge where you can enjoy some delicious and unique coffee while we assist you with your café needs.

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        • Emirati Coffee

          Emirati Coffee was founded with the mission to provide the highest quality specialty coffee accessible through competitive pricing, high quality sourcing and vertical integration., where their coffee can make your day a little bit brighter.

          Sustainability is at the heart of what they do, educating customers on the importance of connecting with famers when sourcing coffee and bridging the gap between crop to cup.

          Their roastery is a large space with two floors where you can find big mahogany leather sofas, beautiful wall art designed similarly to what you can find on their coffee bags and a chandelier that hangs from the ceiling.

          The space is ideal if you want to watch the coffee being roasted while you are working or simply grabbing a cup of coffee. Emirati Coffee also offers a number of interesting SCA and not SCA courses.

          • Fairouz Coffee & Roastery 

          Fairouz Coffee & Roastery opened in Dubai in 2019 with a dynamic team of coffee professionals, all sharing their passion for coffee and industry experience. Their main mission is to build expertise and contribute towards placing the UAE speciality coffee & culture on the map by providing exceptional quality coffee we source, buy, roast, prepare and deliver.

          Fairouz is an all-day destination for business people, students, and for friends who would like to enjoy and socialize over a cup of coffee or would like to sit by their laptops and work. It’s a perfect place for groups to meet and to hold gatherings.

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