Coffee Culture - Turkey Edition


A Spot of History

The first to enjoy the wonders of this drink were The Ottoman Sultanate during the war with Mamluks back in 1516, this happened due to bringing Cairo into their empire and consequently its coffee culture with it. 

Suleyman the Magnificent, a renowned Sultan of the Ottoman empire would share a cup of coffee with his closest allies. At the time an invitation to coffee confirmed the trust of the Sultan.

Nowadays, young Turkish people love coffee as much as their ancestors did, even a multinational such as Starbucks was influenced into introducing this old-fashioned tradition in their menu when they first opened their doors in Turkey.

So next time you are enjoying a delicious cup of Turkish coffee you can fully enjoy it as The Ottoman Sultan's once did!

Fun Facts

  • Turkish coffee has been named one of UNESCO’S intangible cultural heritage. It’s heritage is celebrated in songs and literature, and it is a fundamental part of all ceremonies.
  • Once the coffee is finished, the grounds left in it have been known to be used to tell your future. 
  • As a tradition when a man comes to ask the family for their daughter’s hand in marriage, the daughter is usually expected to make the coffee for everyone. If she is able to brew it properly, so the tradition goes, then she is ready for marriage.

How to Prepare Turkish Coffee

As we have already mentioned, Turkish coffee comes from an ancient tradition that requires special preparation techniques.

Here's how you can make your own!

  • Step 1The beans are freshly grounded almost as fine as powder.
  • Step 2 - Once the coffee is in the copper coffee pot, add water and sugar.
  • Step 3 - Place the pot over the stove on low until desired foam is achieved.

Sounds easy enough? Even though this process of brewing doesn't require many complicated steps, the art of making Turkish coffee demands a lot of attention to detail so at Sippy we always say, practice makes perfect and your preference is king!

How is it Served?

For thousands of years Turkish coffee has been served thick, strong and just a little bit gritty. It has been known to be a social drink for everyone, regardless of their occupation and social status. You can find all sorts of people enjoying this coffee in almost every cafe in Istanbul. 

Apart from it being a delicious drink, Turkish coffee plays a huge role in social occasions, from engagement ceremonies to family gatherings. The drink is usually served in a small size cup together with a glass of water and a Turkish delight.

Now that you are on your way to being a little bit closer to becoming a Turkish coffee expert, here are some of our best recommendations:

Turkish Coffee (medium-dark with cardamom)

Turkish Coffee (light-medium with cardamom)

Turkish Coffee (medium-dark)

Turkish Coffee (light-medium)


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