Bundle Gifts Perfect For All Your Type of Friends 🎁


Since the Eid Holiday is fast approaching, we decided to take this opportunity to put together gift bundles for your different types of friends. From the newbie to coffee to the expert that could open their own specialty coffee shop at home, we can all even identify ourselves as one of these type of friends. 

Your Frappuccino Vanilla Latte Friend

That friend that no matter how late they already are their main priority would be to have and iced coffee drink in hand, you know who you are!

Your On the Go Friend

That friend that no matter the reason seems to never stop doing things, whether at home, at work or during their free time, they always have somewhere to be.


Your Friend with a Sweet Tooth 

That friend that even if they are really full will always have some room for a delicious dessert. This friend also has an endless supply of sweets no matter the occasion, they will always manage to sneak in some sweet treats.

Your Workaholic Friend 

9 to 5? This friend has never heard of it... So they for sure live for the caffeine high to get them through the long hours. 

Your Coffee Expert Friend 

That friend that will tell you about all the new specialty coffee shops in your area and that has too many gadgets to make coffee.

Let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions on what other type of gifts bundles we should do next!

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