Best Desserts & Coffee Pairings - Ramadan Edition


In the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan we have decided to pair our favourite desserts that we would normally have during this time of the year with the best coffee pairings so you can enjoy iftar time even more. 

  • Baklawa 

This dessert is a staple of the Middle East, it is crispy, made with phyllo pastry and filled with different types of nuts from almonds, walnuts to pistachios. One you have one you will not be able to not have one more, just like coffee!

Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we have specifically picked the Dar al Zain Arabic Coffee from Fairouz Coffee Roaster. This coffee is reach and earthy with a delicious of spice, perfect to compliment the sweetness of the baklawa.

  • Ma’amoul 

This date-stuffed shortbread cookie is a true classic, the rose water aroma will be the first thing you will notice when taking a bite. There are variations where instead of dates they would also be filled with various nuts.

Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we have selected Emirati Coffee by Gahwat Dubai. This coffee is balanced and fruity, the candid acidity really balances the cherry sweetness of this cup.

  • Luqaimat 

This dessert can be enjoyed everywhere in the Middle East, this dumpling like sweet is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. When you bite into it you will get hints of date syrup, saffron and cardamom is some case.

Fun fact for non Arabic speakers, In Arabic “luqma” means a bite or mouthful and “luqaimat” means mini bites

Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we would recommend the Colombia Buesaco by Kanaka. This coffee has a rich sugar cane taste with honey suckle sweetness and jasmine notes. 

  • Qatayif

This famous dessert looks like a pancake and it is normally filled with custard, cream or cheese. Our personal favourite is the deep fried version which can be found topper with nuts and dipped in syrup 

Fun Fact for the non Arabic speakers, the word “qatayif” is derived from the Arabic verb “qataf” which means pick-up, hence the name of the dessert.

Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we would recommend drip bags from Yemen by Sheba Coffee. This coffee is very fruity and floral, perfect to brew for a group of friends and family as something new.

  • Oum Ali

This is a traditional Egyptian dessert, usually made with puff pastry or even croissant, similar to bread pudding. It is made with milk and various nuts and dried fruits.

Fun fact “Oum Ali” means Mother of Ali in Arabic, the name came about because she was the wife of a ruler named Ezz El Din Aybek, from the Ayyubid dynasty and her son’s name was Ali. Who knew?

Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we would recommend Al Saif Arabic Coffee by Specialty Shop. This coffee is sweet and inviting with nutty flavour and medium sweetness.

  •  Kunafa 

Of course we had to save the best for last, this is a personal favourite, this masterpiece of a desert is made of shredded phyllo dough and stuffed with thick cream and cheese and topped with honey or sugar syrup. 

 Coffee Pairing:

For this dessert we would recommend the drip bag Brazil El Dorado from Kaf Specialty Coffee. This coffee taste very fruity with a silky body, it is a real crowd pleaser, hence we matched it with the original crowd-pleaser!

Let us know which one is your favourite from these and if you have found any other exciting dessert and coffee parings!

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