5 Cold Brew Gadgets Sippy Loves


Toddy Cold Brew System

This indispensable brewing system can pull double duty. You can use it to produce either cold or hot brew coffee.  Between the affordable price, and the smooth cold brew with 67% less acidity than typical hot brew coffee, there's a lot to love here. The Toddy Cold Brew System is a popular choice for many leading coffee shops and baristas in the know. So, you can trust you're getting a quality product here that can deliver on its promise of superior taste.

Asobu Cold Brew Portable Coffee Maker

If you're finding you're having a bit of difficulty keeping all the grounds out of your homemade cold brew, this is the gadget for you. This maker flaunts a super fine double wall of stainless-steel mesh to keep all those grounds out of your cup. This thing is also practically indestructible, and 100% BPA free. We also love that this thing is completely portable and vacuum sealed. It features a removable carafe that is spill proof. So, you can literally chuck your coffee in your bag on your way out the door and it will stay cold and not leak. We're sold.

Baratza Encore Grinder

The key to a successful cold brew is in the size of the coffee grounds. Grind your beans too finely, and you'll end up with a cloudy cold brew. Fortunately, Baratza has a great little electronic grinder that features 40 different grinding options. It will be able to tackle any coffee need you throw at it.  A burr style grinder is actually the best type to use when making cold brew. That's because it avoids overheating, which can leach out both flavor and aroma from your coffee.

GoodCook Silicone Ice Cube Trays With Top

What's cold brew without ice? Sippy simply adores these ice cube trays, that are BPA free and made of silicone. The real selling point here is the top, which means no freezer odors or strange flavors will seep into your cubes. We don't know about you, but we prefer our coffee to taste like coffee, minus the freezer burn. You could even use these perfect little trays to freeze some of your coffee concentrate in. That way, you won't water down your cold brew, and it will stay nice and cold at the same time.

CoffeeSock Cold Brew Reusable Filters

Okay, so the name “CoffeeSock” may not conjure up the most appetizing of mental pictures. However, these things are miraculous. They're made of organic cotton, and can last up to a year or more! Though, if you make a lot of cold brew at home, 5 months is usually the typical life span of a single “sock”. Simply use, empty out the grounds, rinse, and hang to dry. They're incredibly environmentally friendly, and will certainly save you in the long run when compared to paper filters. We are fans of the amazing job it does keeping grounds out of our cold brew. It even does well with finer grounds, in case you forget to leave them coarse.

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